Terms and conditions

Based on your inquiry we will send you a quotation with prices of textiles and printing. An accurate specification and quantity of textiles along with basic information about printing are part of the price quotation. Upon confirmation by the purchaser this quotation becomes binding and forms a contract. A potential complaint cannot be applied to requirements which were not specified in the price quote.

After confirmation of the order an invoice shall be issued. Production shall be initiated only after the payment of the invoice has been received.

Templates for printing are required in vectors (curves). For raster templates the best resolution is 300 DPI with a ratio 1:1. More information can be found at our website. If a particular printing color is required the number of the color from the Pantone C has to be specified; otherwise, the closest color based on the template for printing will be used. If you require specific positioning of the print, please send a preview of your requirements. Let us know if you require printing effects or have specific requirements related to printing. If you plan to supply your own textiles, please, inform us about any unusual material composition.

Previews of printing shall be sent for approval. The customer shall also receive information about sizes and positioning of the print and the Pantone colors used. After approval by the customer this data becomes binding. For full-color printing the customer shall be provided with a preview of color separation and a photograph of the first printing if requested. The approval of this preview will be binding and crucial for the excellent visual aspects of the final products.

We are not responsible for any infringement of copyright when reproducing any templates supplied.

A maximum of 3 % of used textiles may be damaged during the printing process due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances. If you require an exact quantity of textiles, it is necessary to take this fact into account and order 3 % of extra textiles. Any rejects shall not be substituted but subtracted from the total price.

Standard delivery time is 9 to 15 days. For custom made textiles and other special orders the delivery time shall be set by agreement. Delivery times and other deadlines related to the date of delivery shall not be binding unless explicitly agreed otherwise. If you require an exact delivery date, please, let us know; the date will be confirmed according to availability.

The ordered goods will be delivered to the delivery address specified in the order. Upon written request, the goods can be sent to another place of destination. Deliveries of goods shall be implemented by the chosen carrier; the delivery charge shall be paid by the purchaser. Liability for damage to goods and eventual loss of the goods shall transfer to the contracted carrier upon receipt of the goods.

Please, notify us about any defects of the delivered goods and specify the defects in detail; photographs may be requested. Only complaints filed within 7 days of delivery shall be acknowledged. This does not apply to hidden defects. Slight variations of sizes and colors of textiles shown in catalogs and on the Internet do not justify as rights to defect complaints. Minor deviations from the raster full-color templates shall not be a reason for a claim due to the technology used. After recognition of a complaint the goods shall be repaired upon agreement, or a replacement delivery shall be implemented, or executed payments shall be refunded. In case of returning defective goods a delivery charge shall be paid by the seller.

Provided that textiles are reordered within two months of the production, there shall be no charge for screens and films. There shall be no charge for films if the order is placed after 2 months have passed. The minimum quantity to reorder is 25 pcs.

If you do not agree with your company being listed in our references, please, let us know.