Screen Printing – Special Effects


The puff effect (the additive base that rises up)–a plastic effect with slightly rounded edges, frequently used in printing on textile, T-shirts and sweatshirts. The template for this type of printing has to be adjusted to this technology. For instance, it is not possible to reproduce thin lines, or small font.

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Suede, leather, or neoprene–these can be imitated by means of printing. The printing can, for instance, imitate denim fabric. Also, the surface of the printing can be cracked. The print imitates the material both visually and tactile.

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3D printing on textiles–layered printing, in contrast to the puff effect it has sharp edges. This printing is very impressive. It also has its practical application; 3D printing is used for example for anti-slip elements at the bottom of children’s socks.

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Gold, silver and other metallic inks contain various amounts of very fine metallic particles. By adding pigments to inks, we can achieve different variants and metallic shades.
Glitters (pearl effects) create an interesting play on colors from various perspectives.

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Glitters are very coarse metallic pigments, which deliver the printing of specific striking glossy effects.
Template for printing must be adapted to these technologies. For example, light lines or small text can not be reproduced.

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Pearl effects create an interesting play on colors from various perspectives.

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Reflective inks are used for printing on safety clothing and children’s clothing.
Fluorescent inks.

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Varnish is used for overprint or emphasis of the chosen part or color.
Colorless varnish–“the water effect”, the motif appears to be wet

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Transparent base is used, for example to highlighting only certain sections of the print, on which is the transparent base printed.
Can be shiny or matte. Can be sharp or very rounded edge (the effect of a drop of water).

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